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Our Approach

Our Mission

We emphasize the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Quality Workmanship.  Staying committed to these principles ensures that we will always do our best to meet the needs of Customers and Employees.

Our Approach

We are a full-service residential, commercial and industrial electrical contractor. We also specialize in lighting upgrades and retrofits which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Call us today to find out how we can save you money.

The BridgePoint Family

Since the beginning BridgePoint has always been about family.  Our employees are family and we are honored to have mother & daughter, father & son, and brother & brother; all calling BridgePoint their home.


Our Story

Our Story

BridgePoint Electric was established in the memorable millennial year of 2000.  We started with a simple plan.  We knew that great personnel would equate to great accomplishments.  We believe that business success is achieved with the total combined efforts of responsible leadership and quality field representation.   Our company wide diligence and dedication has been the foundation for our continued growth and success.

A simple plan…………………….that works.


Jack Bridgeman